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WikiLDB Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wiki Law Database (WikiLDB)?

WikiLDB is, simply put, a wiki (like Wikipedia) for lawyers – a place for the United States legal community to share, mentor, and learn. Click here to view a sample of one of the more developed pages.

What is in WikiLDB?

We just have a bit of content now, mostly relating to bankruptcy law. Our vision is that WikiLDB will ultimately contain a broad range of state and federal statutes, cases, comments, rules, practice pointers, forms, and more. Ultimately, however, it is the users who will determine WikiLDB content by the information they add.

How much does WikiLDB charge?

At present, nothing. But we can’t guarantee that into infinity because we may find that we can’t make a fair profit with pay-per-click advertising alone. Or, even if we can, we may get greedy.

What do you mean by “by lawyers, for lawyers”?

We do our best to limit registered users to individuals licensed to practice law in the United States and its territories. (Later we may add Canada and other jurisdictions.) So only licensed attorneys can contribute to WikiLDB.

What’s in it for me?

As a registered user you have access to the combined wisdom* of the legal community. By contributing – which every registered user is allowed to do – you add to that wisdom and, by providing a biography and contact information on your user page, your contributions can enhance your reputation in the broader legal community.

* We are just starting out, so there isn't much “combined wisdom” on the site yet. The good news is that means that you can be an early contributor and get a head start on establishing a reputation on this site.

Can I rely on WikiLDB?

We hope that WikiLDB will become a place to start your research. But, as much as we hate to admit it, lawyers are human. Every once in a while they make mistakes and, sometimes, they are motivated by more than good faith and altruism. So you should take the information you find in WikiLDB with a grain of salt. And, if you find an error, we hope you will edit the page and correct it.

How do I contact you?

Email us at We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. But please keep in mind that we’re running on a shoestring right now, so it may take a few days.